What is E-Waste? Learn about e-waste in details

In this article, We will discuss about e-waste? what is ewaste sf? What does it consists of? What are it's advantages and disadvantages and many more.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste stands for electronic waste. Simply the word waste means those products or items which cannot be used anymore or it is no more useful. Well, the e-waste is different in a way that these waste products consists of idle electronic gadgets or devices that are no more usable.

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What does E-Waste consist of?

It consist of small remote to big refrigerator, ACs or old TVs. These includes computer components, electronic equipment, weird smartphones, PCBs, automobile scraps, electric bulbs and fans and many more.

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Quantity of E-waste released per year

According to wikipedia, approximately 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste was released in 2016 worldwide that is equivalent to 4500 times of Eiffel Tower. And in the year 2018 this data rose to 50 Millions of tonnes. Annual value of these e-waste is at least 62.5 Billion Dollar. Such a huge sum of money are being dumped every year.

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E-Waste generated in India

Also our country India is not lacking behind in this waste production. India ranks 5th in largest producer of e-waste in world with 2 Million tonnes of e-waste per year. These 2 Million consists of 70% from Computer devices, 12% from Telecom sector and 7% from Medical equipment. India has 1.012 Billion of active mobile connections in January 2018 which is growing continuously.

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Also Indian smartphone users just throw away their phones after using it for few years which harm the nature too much. In India more than 95% of e-waste recycling are being managed illegally and are not known to Indian government. These informal waste pickers are called kabadiwala or raddi wala in many rural and urban areas.

Disadvantages of e-waste

There are so many disadvantages of E-waste in our day to day life.


  • These waste contains huge amount of harmful metals like Lead, Cadmium, Beryllium etc. When these are consumed by humans in any form these affects our body in adverse manner.

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  • The places or regions where these wastes are processed or recycled are at high risk of contaminated air, soil, water or food. People living near these places or working in these recycling centers are at high risk of health hazard. These people have to face the problems like mental health, impaired cognitive function, and general physical health damage.
  • These wastes contains huge amount metals which are naturally found on earth and are disposed off without any guidelines.


Advantages of e-waste

Well, besides of so many disadvantages of these wastes there are also some advantages. These are the restoration of precious metals like gold and selling them in market. For that it has to undergo many chemical processes. Next is that, it opens a opportunity of business to many peoples who are working in this field. Extraction of other non-precious metals like iron, copper, aluminum, nickel etc helps us in reusing these metals and maintaining a balance between us and nature.


Scope of Recycling of E-Waste

Another opportunity of recycling e-waste is also growing these days. As people are being aware of such problems they tend to recycle or dispose off their e-waste. For that one do not need to pay a single penny to any organization or company its totally free of cost. Companies like Namo E-Waste are coming forward in such activities.

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After disposing off your e-waste, you will receive an e-certificate claiming that you have disposed of your e-waste and you are a nature friendly person.


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