How to select a Right CPU

If you are a beginer then you would think that CPU means the whole cabinet in which all the processing components are fixed. But actually this is not true. Well, students in junior claases are taught so but this is not fully correct in sense of computer.

Cpu stands for Central Processing Unit. This is a small (ATM card sized) processor consisting of so many tiny transistors. And this CPU is installed on Motherboard while building the PC.

There are so many things which you should keep in mind while selecting a right CPU for you. And also so many basises, which in all turns to give you a better performance. When you will go in market or online store for buying CPU you will get confused which to chose and which of them is compatible with which motherboard and other PC components. And for that you need to have an overview knowledge of a CPU which I am going to give you. 


1. Which i series to choose?

CPU named Core 2 duo, i3, i5, i7, i9.... means for which purpose are you going to use your PC. Whether you are going to use it as a home purose, for office, video editing and rendering, gaming etc. If you are going to use it as a home purpose or office purpose then you should go with Core 2 duo (for least use) and i3 (for more than normal use). If you ae going to use it for video rendering or editing than you should go with i5 series. And if you are going to use it for playing high end PC games you should go with i7 or later.

2. What is meant by dual core, quad core, octacore, decacore?

Well, these terms refers to the number of cores your CPU has. More the number of core better you will get better performance. While you can also double the number of cores (without actually changing the CPU) by hyperthreading. Dualcore means 2 cores, Quadcore means 4 cores, Octacore means 8 cores and similarly decacore means 10 cores. 

3. What is Hyperthreading

Hyperthreading is a method to virtually double the number of cores in you CPU by using it with specific motherboard. You can identify a CPU that whether it supports hyperthreading or not by comparing the number of threads to number of cores. If it is double than it supports hyperthreading otherwise not. 

4.What is meant by generation of CPU?

The generation of CPU means which technology has been used to design that particular CPU. As almost every year intel company releases a new generation of CPU, a new generation is added in each i series (i3, i5 etc). Higher the generation of a CPU smaller the size of its transistors and better the performance you will achieve. 

5. What is clock speed or Gigahertz (GHz)?

Clock speed is the measurement of number of times current is  flowed and stopped (off and on) in a duration of 1 sec. And this is measured by a unit called Hertz and is shortly written as Hz. Thus 1 GHz means the current will goes off and on 1 Million times in just 1 second. And similarly 1 MHz means the current will goes off and on 1 Billion times in 1 second. More the Gigahertz you CPU has better the performance you will achieve. 

6. What is Overclocking?

Overclocking is a method to increase the performance of you CPU without actually changing it. This is done by providing more power (electricity) to it than it actually needs. When we provide more power to it its clock speed gets increased to a certain value. As an example lets suppose that you have a CPU of 3.5 GHz than by using Overclock you can make it to behave like a 4.0 GHz CPU. And thus you can achieve better performance.  But despite this all it has some drawbacks. Like if you will use it in your Laptop then its battety will drain faster. The letter K in the last of a CPU name indicates that whether it can be overclocked by using it with proper Motherboard or not. 

7. What is GPU?

GPU stands for Graphical processing unit. This is also a processor but different in a manner that this only processes Graphics, and not all other tasks. There are two types of GPUs integrated and discrette as discussed below. You will get confused in GPU and Graphics Card. So I must clear that doubt. GPU is that particular unit that processes graphics and this GPU is isntalled on Graphics card whic is further installed on PCI slot of Motherbaord.

8. What is integrated GPU and discrette GPU?

For doing normal graphical works you need not to install a separate Graphics card. As for such purposes almost all CPUs have a separate space assigned for that (inside CPU). But for doing high graphical works which includes playing high end video games, professional video editing etc. you need to attach an external Graphics card to the PCI slot of your mothreboard and make some changes in plugging the VGA or HDMI cable in the rear panel.

9. What is the naming scheme used in intel processors?

For knowing about the naming scheme used in intel processors click here.

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